4 Roofing Maintenance Tips To Prepare For Spring And Summer Storms

Posted on: 9 April 2018

Roof maintenance is important to prevent wear and ensure your shingles last for years. It is also something that can be done to help prepare for storms and prevent damage to your home. Some of the maintenance that you will want to do includes inspecting your roofing for damage, and installing or repairing gutter guards. Here are some roof maintenance tips to help prepare your home for spring and summer storms:

1. Trimming Tree Branches That Could Potentially Damage Roofing

If you have trees around your home, it is important to keep them well-trimmed to prevent damage to your roofing. Before any new growth comes in during the spring months, have the trees around your home pruned and remove any branches that are at risk of falling. Thinning tree canopies will also help to allow more sunlight to get through to the roof, reducing problems with moss and lichen growth that causes damage to shingles.

2. Keeping Your Roof Clean and Free of Debris to Reduce Wear and Prevent Damage

There is also debris that can build up on your roof and cause wear. It is a good idea to start with routine cleaning to keep debris off of your roof during the spring months. In addition, you may want to remove any fungus growth like moss and lichen that thrives in shady areas and can cause your shingles to wear out faster.

3. Inspecting Roofing for Potential Damage Caused by Freezing and Winter Weather

Over the winter months, your roof is exposed to all sorts of damage, such as snow, ice, and freezing temperatures. This can cause excessive wear of asphalt shingles and cracks that will need to be repaired. Early spring is a good time to have your roof inspected for any winter weather damage that needs to be repaired before summer storms arrive.

4. Repairs and Improvements to Make Before Spring Storms Arrive

Before the spring and summer storms arrive, you are going to want to have any necessary repairs done to your roof. There may also be improvements that you want to do, such as adding gutter guards to protect against heavy rain and debris. In addition, it is a good idea to have an emergency repair kit ready, which should include a few roofing materials and tarps to protect your home if the roof is damaged during storms.

These are some roof maintenance tips that will help prepare your home for spring and summer storms. If you need help with repairs, contact a building and renovations contractor to do these things before the next storm.